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pittsburg with the latest. >> reporter: thank goodness for this tree that. is what kept the car from crashing into this i-hop in pittsburg last night. it ended here, but in started atw75çs a celia's restaurant in antioch where two people were assaulted by a man and woman. their car was stolen and then eventually the crash ended here at i-hop. police say they believe a man was responsible for the carjacking and they realized him after the scene of the i-hop crash. there were two other people in the car with him they don't think those two people were part of the carjacking. they are still looking for the woman who was part of that assault and the stealing of the car at celia's. what happened between celia's and i-hop eventful. police say the man crashed the stolen car, he got out, jumped into another car driven by someone else that's when they were chased by police and crashed into the i-hop in pittsburg the car that crashed in i-hop wasn't even the stolen one two cars, two crashes and four people involved. police are sorting out everyone's role. they say they feel certain that the ma
highway 4 bypass and hillcrest road towards pittsburg area concord as well. i wanted to show you your waze app this is the accident in oakland 580 westbound at harrison. you can see traffic spotters reporting very slow traffic complete standstill westbound 580 to avoid these accidents you probably want to download this free app this morning. a lot going on and it is free, for more download it on your smartphone. >>> 5:21. today on katie, still dazzling in her 60s, susan sarandon oscar winning actress and mother of three. they talk about the many things they have in common, including racing their kids, growing old gracefully and susan's views on marriage. >> do you not believe in the institution of marriage basically? >> i belief in it for other people. i think if it works for you that's fabulous. i don't know, i was always hesitant this idea of locking it in i thought would make it less -- >> that's katie 3 p.m. right here on abc 7. >>> moviegoers were in the mood for a fright in weekend. next the top movies at the weekend box office. "and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo
light no problems here. if you are driving out of antioch commute is good towards pittsburg into concord less than 20 minutes according to your road sensors out of the central valley up and over altamont pass good ride 15 minutes into dublin and pleasanton. oracle open world wraps today that traffic nightmare will be wrapping as well howard street today closed between third and fourth and south of market jammed anywhere near mosconey center. elsewhere bart, muni and ferries on time and good alternate for all major events fleet week, america's cup, lots of things going on, take mass transit this weekend. >>> no apologies for losing your voice a little, you see that if being at the coliseum? >> how is she going to sound during the playoffs? we are not going to hear her at all. >> we'll have to just watch her. >>> family pet targeted by thieves, next. the plea made by a 10-year-old girl and her family in the hope that they will see miko again. >>> famous passenger seen climbing out of a blue angels jet at sfo. >> we know that guy. >> >> reporter: in today's tech bites new facebook service a
the supermarket in pittsburg is set to close for good. it employs 55 people. they have been given the opportunity to transfer to other locations and can apply for a job at the food store in two-months. >>> rising rents could force two book stores to close. after 20 years in business this may be all she wrote for them. owners site rising rents and technology is reasons it is getting difficult to keep profitable. >>> the health and well being of children. the report by children now looked at several different issues. it found 58% of 3-4-year-old children attend preschool. researchers found 71% of children are within a healthy weight. and 93% of children had health insurance. both of those remain flat compared to last year. >>> fleet week isn't just in san francisco, preparations got underway in alameda. officials were on hand at the uss hornet good too get ready -- hornet to get ready. morning other events, families and -- among other events, families and scouts will be getting ready for events on the hornets. the blue angels practiced today and we caught the jets flying from treasure island. blue
between pittsburg and antioch. amy hollyfield is live at the sheriff's office in martinez. >> reporter: investigators are having a tough time with this one. you would think it would be tough to shoot two people on a busy street in the early evening and not get caught. investigators are having a hard time finding people who saw anything. people living along buchanan road at the antioch pittsburg border knew something major happened but figured it was a car accident. they didn't realize two people were shot to death. >> i had no idea it was a shooting, it an terrible. really bad. >> reporter: because it happened between the two cities deputies responded. investigators say the shooting happened around 5:25 last night. longtime residents say the shooting doesn't surprise them too much, they've heard shots before, just further down the road. >> we've had shots, nothing this close. first time this close. it is unnerving, very. >> it start happening more and more it seems like more and more people are moving here from the city as the population grows things happen. >> reporter: investigators
. a man and woman was found shot between pittsburg and antioch. amy hollyfield is live at the sheriff's office in martinez. >> reporter: investigators are having a tough time with this one. you would think it would be tough to shoot two people on a busy street in the early evening and not get caught. investigators are having a hard time finding people who saw anything. people living along buchanan road at the antioch pittsburg border knew something major happened but figured it was a car accident. they didn't realize two people were shot to death. >> i had no idea it was a shooting, it an terrible. really bad. >> reporter: because it happened between the two cities deputies responded. investigators say the shooting happened around 5:25 last night. longtime residents say the shooting doesn't surprise them too much, they've heard shots before, just further down the road. >> we've had shots, nothing this close. first time this close. it is unnerving, very. >> it start happening more and more it seems like more and more people are moving here from the city as the population grows things h
este de la bahia, 2 personas fueron asesinadas a tiros la noche en pittsburg.. ---las autoridades identificaron a la pareja como christopher zinn de 24 aÑos y brienna dow de 21.. la pareja fue acribillada.. ---el hombre murio en la escena del crimen y la mujer en el hospital. ---la policia de pittsburg dice que desconoce el motivo del tiroteo y hasta el momento no hay sospechosos. cu ---en san francisco, la policia sigue tratando de averiguar por qu un aficionado del futbol americano apuÑalo a otro fanatico cerca del estadio "candlestick". take vo ---segn las autoridades, un hombre de 27 aÑos estaba con sus amigos cuando 2 hombres se acercaron a ellos cerca de la calle "harney way" y la avenida "james-town", justo antes de que empezara el juego de ayer. ---los hombres empezaron a discutir y alguien apuÑal al hombre de 27 aÑos quien vive en elk grove. ---la victima sufrio heridas de gravedad pero se espera que sobreviva. ---la policia detuvo a un hombre de 22 aÑos de daly city y a otro sospechoso de 30 aÑos de san francisco. cu --finalmente la policia de san jose ya tiene tr
traffic at the limit from antioch towards pittsburg into concord under 20 minutes for that stretch. if you are heading out of the central valley 205 tracy up and over the altamont good ride, under 15 minutes into the dublin pleasanton area valencia open between 16th and 17th. >>> surprise development in the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. next, the international heavyweight called to negotiate a punishment for pg&e. >>> bear of a night a northern california neighborhood. why authorities are -- bear of a sight in a northern california neighborhood. >>> microsoft now has its own music streaming service x-box music available now in the console and will come with windows 8 later this month. $10 a machine. nintendo cutting price of 6-year-old wii and will throw in two games for $130, new verse is coming next month for twice as much. both will be on sale for holidays. -- international trade group says u.s. subscribers pay more -- bumgarner's skydive, most viewers ever on youtube eight every time someone chooses finish over cascade, it sparks a movement. look ! no ugly spots ! and see that s
a police chase through antioch and pittsburg last night. it ended when the suspects crashed into a tree. investigators say it started 11 p.m. when a woman was carjacked after leaving a restaurant in antioch. amy hollyfield will have more in a live report in about 30 minutes. >>> in a few hours the city of san bruno, city and county of san francisco and a local consumer group will file a formal letter of protest against what they are calling a backroom deal between the pg&e and puc. the group says the state puc chose mitchell without input or consent from any of the parties except pg&e. >>> this morning amtrak investigating another collision between a train and vehicle in the central valley. it happened after 8:00 last night, as the train left the station platform in ma dare . the people in the vehicle managed to get out before the train hit it. no word on how this accident happened. the same thing happened friday less than a mile north on the same tracks last week. >>> good news for giants' fans looks like second baseman scutaro will be able to play this afternoon. yesterday scutaro ran
antioch and pittsburg last night. the suspects crashed near this i-hop in pittsburg. investigators say it started around:30, a couple was carjacked after leaving -- around 8 30, a couple was carjacked after leaving a restaurant in antioch. >>> oakland police are looking for the people posting fliers downtown calling for violence against occupy oakland protesters next week telling oakland residents to bring baseball bats to the occupy anniversary event to beat up vandals and anarchists. a group claims responsibility for that fire police are investigating who posted those fliers. >>> what may be the final fall from grace for cyclist lance armstrong. two big losses he suffered today, including being forced out of his own cancer-fighting charity. >>> gearing up for game three. how many giants fans will play hooky to watch this afternoon's playoffs game against >>> president obama and mitt romney are back on the campaign trail this morning after last night's debate that saw a much dunk president obama than americans saw in the first. t.j. winick joins us live from new york where the debate
. drive out of antioch at this hour, good ride towards pittsburg and concord under 15 minutes elsewhere nice ride still coming out of the central valley up and over the altamont pass no delays brisk 14 minutes to the dublin pleasanton interchange. sunol grade pleasanton sunol road accident north 680 on the right shoulder not any slow downs past the scene. once again, roadwork northbound and southbound 280 ramps to 880 intermittently closed for the next week, through the 31st of the month. don't forget world series lots of traffic around at&t park, they will close king street at the 7th inning. >>> next, only on abc7 news, san jose police officer blows the whistle on other officers he claims he was forced out for exposing fraud. >>> latest on the investigation into a fatal accident at the port of oakland the danger that workers face everyday. at cepacol we've heard people are going to extremes to relieve their sore throats. oh, okay, you don't need to do that. but i don't want any more of the usual lozenges and i want new cooling relief! ugh. how do you feel? now i'm cold. hmm. this is a
and also the temperatures around the area. more cold air, look at pittsburg, 39 degrees. here is this monster this was 24 hours ago. watch as it makes that exact forecast of a left turn. everybody was so afraid of it and there is the circulation right over us. the moderate to heavy rains continued. that is an area of rain continuing to move into southern maryland. look at what is happening, this is where it is still snowing. 10-20 inches of snow, power outages not only from the wind but from the snow that is continuing. 6-10 inches of rain and another 3-4 tonight. my colleague doug has been here throughout the day and throughout the morning. >> look at some of these numbers, first up a list more rain to come, 7.5 tomorrow, all because of the proximity to sandy. the storm now northeast of baltimore by several miles. more strong winds and rain. we are at the height of the storm right now, robert. >> as we dug for the main it -- the remainder of the night there is that moderate rain. even tomorrow morning, we have circulation and strong, southerly winds coming in. unfortunately t
that led police to eject 100 people. >>> plus the mystery surrounding the death of a man in pittsburg overnight. >>> wet weather could jam up the morning commute. we'll tell you about some of the roadways already seeing a lot of standing water. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. >>> good morning, to you. welcome back. it's a monday, a rainy monday i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. time is just about 5:30. will we have this all day? all week? >> most of the morning hour
that. drive time out of antioch now looking good 15 minutes towards pittsburg and concord a bit of slowing by the highway 4 bypass beginning to crawl out of the central valley as well speeds are looking good once you get to the altamont pass into the dublin pleasanton area still less than 15 minutes. big roadwork project starting tonight northbound and southbound 280 ramps to northbound 880 temporary closures for the next week detour in place there. >>> 5:20. latest james bond movie is getting the royal seal of approval. last night prince charles and his wife camilla attended the world premiere screening of "sky fall" in london. the stars also attended. it is the 23rd james bond film and the third with craig playing 007. some are calling it the best film in years. it opens in the u.s. november 9th. "good morning america" will have much more coming up at 7:00. >>> a touching military homecoming in tampa we want to show you. a marine father returned home to hold his baby girl for the first time. four-month-old sophia chuva has never met her father in person. he was in afghanistan
a match yet. authorities are planning to conduct a search along the coastline. >>> a fire in pittsburg sent a woman to the hospital. it happened yesterday near harbor avenue. firefighters after they put out the fire, they found a 65-year- old woman. you can see her taken up there. witnesses say they saw people in the area who may well have started the fire. if you have any information, contact pittsburg police. >>> hercules school teacher was arrested on suspicion of marijuana after that found a pound of marijuana. people were called to the hercules school campus after a worker found his vehicle unattended with the engine running. it's unclear if goodman sold drugs to city of the students. >>> san francisco trustees is set to vote on controversial cuts. trustees are considering closing child care centers and ensuring students pay enrollment fees. department chair who currently handle administrative work could be sent back to the classroom saving an estimated $2 million a year and city college has until march to make changes or risk losing its accreditation. >>> a piece of advice from s
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. >>> and new at 11:00 police are investigating a shoot tag killed two r two people outside of pittsburg this evening. officers found two victims shot. a male was declared defend at the scene. no arrests have been made. corrosions in the chevron to another fire in the plant last year. two workers reported allegations of corrosion and maybe a risk for employees in 2011. it was reported is that state officials as they were investigating a small fire in october of that year. the fire was quickly put out. chevron says the corrosion was unexpected. >>> federal health officials say the number of cases of fungal meningitis has risen to 205. the number of deaths stands at 15. 14 states are now reporting cases. however, california if i recalls have yet to report any here. the outbreak has been link today steroid shots used for back pain. >>> in decision 2012, the debate season is well under way. and up next, we'll get to ski an interesting debate are round two, president obama and governor mitt romney face on on tuesday. a town hall who sales the format is going the be a challenge. >> the challen
in pittsburg. police investigating fatal shooting near buchanan road and railroad avenue. police were called last night around 9:30 and found a shooting victim on the sidewalk. the man died despite cpr efforts by paramedics. we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. >>> in oakland today, the jury is set to begin first day of deliberations in the michelle le murder case. giselle esteban is charged with killing le because she blamed her for moving in on her boyfriend. >>> teenager will be sentenced for recklessly running down a father and his 9-year-old daughter in concord. david rowe could receive more than seven years. -- under juvenile law he must be released when he turns 21. rosen is 18 now. last month he pleaded guilty to two counts of felony vehicular manslaughter. >>> time for more on the weather forecast. >> we'll talk to mike and your game time forecast. >>> right now we are getting -- [ inaudible ] in the heart of the bay even yellow starting to move in -- [ inaudible ] watch out richmond sunol to possibly vallejo. [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] mid to upp
the thick out and when come year, it iss incredible. you never get that feeling until it happens. pittsburg help us out, so awesome feeling. >> this is something you really dream for. to be out here enjoying it with the fans is pretty incredible. >> we want have three more of and get that trophy. >> a lot of local fans keeping eyes on the orioles. there are still battling with for the a.l. east, and was rough for the birds because they fell in tampa thanks to a two-run double in the bottom of the seventh. they could not recover and ended 5-3.sing d sox won so they are a with two more to go. course everyone still enjoying savoring the moment. still see a couple of fans out.ling the nationals win the n.l. east tonight. >> here is the mussy video tonight from colorado. wentok at that, a deer the road right into this g abouta lawn board goin an the skateboarder walk away with cuts and bruises and was not hurt. i'm barack obama and i approved this message. [ mitt romney ] there are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what... who are dependent upon government, who
evaded the rush. 17-6 pittsburg. we go to the third. easy touchdown to will johnson. the steelers are 27-12 winners. a more enjoyable afternoon with his first trip to nashville. matt is showing the rookie a perfect ball. 10-3 tennessee. this went to overtime tied 13- 13. i am going to ask you to enjoy the beauty of sport. [laughter] unreal. it is a game winner. colts are the winners today. a great night to do nothing but watch football. e a bye.ns hav we will have a full half hour after the game. jimmy johnson won five straight cups but gave up the title last year to stewart. not a high-speed track. more about technique and good pit stops. 20 laps to go. comes out in second place. five laps later, he retakes the lead. a good pass for him to get in front. he handled the restart well. all that leads to a win. jimmy johnson moves into first place in the standings. please stay with us for another check in the forecast after this. >> with rough weather comes the potential for power outages. >> we will find out the best way to get your power turned back on. on. i've always been lucky. flew 37
to be on the road, that's for sure. >> the national treasures safely and pittsburg. the weekend sets up friday night. this means high school football. the rest >> if you are worried about how the big storm will affect our treasure, do not. they will be in pittsburgh on sunday. -- was hurt at last sunday's game. he did practice today. >> i really don't think a . about it a lot. a lot of people talk about it. i have always taken it of the mine said that if i am able to play again, i will play a game. i love to be out there on the field and playing football. so, that is really how i kind of approach it. >> the defense has had its share of injuries and troubles but the offense despite the injuries, they are played at a very high level. robert to is that he has to carry a bigger load to keep things going. >> i don't feel that burden. the guys have come to me numerous times and told me don't feel like to have to do more than what i'm doing right now. go out and continue to execute the offense. everybody will step up where they need to step up. >> you have a basketball team in town, an nba team. the wizard
este de la bahia, 2 personas fueron asesinadas a tiros la noche de ayer en pittsburg.. ---las autoridades identificaron a la pareja como christopher zinn de 24 aÑos y brienna dow de 21.. la pareja fue acribillada.. ---el hombre murio en la escena del crimen y la mujer en el hospital. ---la policia de pittsburg dice que desconoce el motivo del tiroteo y hasta el momento no hay sospechosos. cu --segun la fiscalia, "giselle esteban" lo planeo todo. --al parecer existe evidencia que se presento hoy en el juicio de asesinato en su contra... vo ...donde se diho que "esteban" hizo investigacion via internet en su computadora, semanas antes de que la estudiante de enfermeria "michelle le" desapareciera y luego fuera encontrada sin vida. --las presuntas busquedas que hizo la sospechosa fueron sobre: como provocar un infarto y como seguir a alguien sin que nadie lo note. --segun la fiscalia, esteban culpaba a "le" de arruinar su relacion amorosa con un ex-novio. cu ---en san francisco, la policia sigue tratando de averiguar por qu un aficionado del futbol americano apuÑalo a otro fana
on the tracks died. but this is what commuters need to keep in mind, the pittsburg pay point train is going through the tube. there is a delay, 15-20 minutes and anybody taking the dublin to daily city will have to transfer to the pittsburg-bay point train. we'll let you know when the embarcadero station re-open in the newscast. reporting live from san francisco, jade hernandez. >>> thank you, jade. >>> a woman in san francisco was seriously injured this morning after a shooting and car crash. violence broke out at about 3:50 a.m. at per share pierce and ellis street. the woman was hit twice in the chest. the gunfire caused the woman to accelerate and the car. >>> at 11:00 p.m. someone in a car opened fire in front of a party on depot road. police say most of the guests who were at the party were teenagers. the victim's condition has not yet been released. >>> sonoma county sheriff investigators say a 92-year-old driver struck two teenager as they walked in a crosswalk sending one teen to the hospital with a head injury. it happened in sonoma around 12:40 this afternoon. investigators say t
slow on highway 4 as you come through pittsburg and bay point from pleasant hill to alamo mow. we have a new -- alamo. we have a new injury zen -- whoops. i moved it -- accident. whoops. i moved it too fast. i want to thank bill tweety who first gave me the alert about this. it's an injury accident. motorcycle down, east 80 at georgia street. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. westbound as you come up to the macarthur maze. it's backed up to a 20, 25- minute delay. in the south bay, northbound 280, still very slow from 101 getting into cupertino. partly sunny for some, sunny or others. sonoma county airport. a quarter mile visibility and thick fog. partly cloudy skies associated with a weak little low off the coast, maybe tomorrow. what's there now is kind of losing its oomph. about two hours ago it's just fizzled out. so again, all show and no go. still waiting for that first rain from the north. showers possible near the coast but this looks really weak, a nice sunrise for some. it's just too far away. we're on the eastern edge. santa maria. 50. your morning trifecta ta there --
and eastbound 4 through antioch a few brake lights. past antioch everything is free and clear towards pittsburg-bay point and concord and a quick check of the golden gate bridge. look at all that fog. thick along the coastline. that's your "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> the storm has forced the cancellations of thousands of flights and including hundreds that were supposed to go into and out of bay area. elissa harrington is at sfo to tell us what passengers can expect today. >>> reporter: passengers can expect more cancellations and here at sfo in terminal 2 alone i'm already counting 17 cancellations this morning on the departures and arrivals board. now, this storm has absolutely crippled air travel to and from the east coast grounding nearly 14,000 flights stranding travelers. more than 200 have been canceled out of sfo alone. the destinations affected including jfk, boston, chicago, philly, newark. a quarter of the flights in the united states pass in and out of new york so travelers all over are feeling a ripple effect. even if you are not trying to fly to the ea
pittsburg. >>> just to let you know thatly picture out of southern california police chasing a stolen white jaguar on i-405 in panorama city. >>> government agency pledging to deliver -- they [ unintelligible ] the payment for employee benefits due at midnight. the postal service its financial picture would improve if congress would put an end to saturday deliveries, which would save money >> 30 years ago today, turntables, cassettes and reel-to-reel tapes started the march to obsolescence. hundreds of billions of cd's have been sold, back then the average cd player cost more than $700, which would be $1700 in today's money. cd's becoming obsolete because of the rise of digital music. >>> a man in critical condition this morning after he is run over by an alleged drunk driver if the east bay. what we've learned about the woman behind the wheel. >> >> controversial new law goes into effect today in san francisco, why all consumers could be paying more for what they buy. >>> big convention drawing business leaders from around the world. the new products being unveiled by oracle. >>> caltrain
for walnut creek. 100 for livermore. 98 pittsburg. into the south bay, a warm day, 95, san jose. 94 santa clara, 95 saratoga. upper 80s at santa cruz. upper 80s in pacifica as well as half moon bay and arodge the -- along the peninsula, 8 for senate, 89 for downtown san francisco. going to be a warm one, already warm in downtown san francisco. there's the extended forecast. we'll knock off 10 degrees tomorrow. another five to ten and slipping back in the 70s in file tort weekend. you can -- in time for the weekend. you can see low 60s in the forecast for saturday and sunday. >> all right. thank you, rosemary. >> you got it. >>> practices for the america's cup get underway in san francisco bay today. it's one of many events happening in the city this week and this weekend. big crowds are also expected to turn out for the hardly, strictly bluegrass festival. the castro street fair, the giants an 49er games and the italian heritage and two cruise ships are on the way. >> if there is an incident that does arise we'll be able to move our resources to that problem so we can address it immediate
hp pavillion light drive. out of antioch towards pittsburg, still good drive, less than 20 minutes into the concord area out of the central valley tracy from 205 up and over the altamont pass, 15 minutes to the dublin-pleasanton area. america's cup one of many events happening today, embarcadero expect traffic, if you are coming into san francisco this weekend bart is having extra trains, muni extra service, ac, golden gate transit will be running extra buses. take mass transit this weekend. >>> new review of a 20 billion dollar supplement industry shows you may not be getting what you are promised. inspectors found problems with one out of five weight loss or vitamin supplements. dozens were illegally labeled or didn't have evidence to back up their claims. the report doesn't name any brands. when asked to provide proof of its claims one company reportedly provided a 30-year-old handwritten college term >> new research from ucsf links tanning beds to increase in skin cancer. indoor tanners are 67% more likely to dell carcinomas compared with those who never used tanning beds. -- p
of the day then more sunshine 68 san leandro mid 70s pittsburg maybe a few degrees cooler here monterey cloudy and a look ahead lots of 70s, maybe a few rain drops monday. >>> good morning. live shot from marinwood, lucas valley area south 101 past the marin ymca limit, light, you will run into slow traffic due to major repaving work down to one lane until 5:30 this morning between sir francis drake annual dough tunnel. san francisco this weekend with all -- all kinds of events going on fleet week, america's cup, 9ers, they've decided to shutdown the embarcadero one lane northbound between washington to bay for bicyclists so they don't have to share the pathways. if you are thinking embarcadero to get to at&t park, might want to make alternate plans it is going to be gridlock. bart running extra trains, cal game capping -- happening, extra games for that muni extra buses caltrain going to the stand ford game extra trains for events this weekend. -- >> i wish there was something to do this weekend. >>> this morning american airlines is cancelling dozens of flights as it tries to fix seat
from 11:00 tonight to 12:30 tomorrow morning. right now out of antioch towards pittsburg westbound looking good. slow out of the central valley still good speeds towards the altamont up and over into the livermore and dublin pleasanton area. drive time of less than 15 minutes. we've been waiting the a's game tonight 6:07 coliseum, expect delays 880, 580, great to take bart. >>> arsonist on the loose in the south bay. what he's targeting and why firefighters want him off the streets, fast. >>> sexual assault on a park trail has joggers and hikers on edge. >>> first, this morning's tech bites. >>> you will be able to order the first windows 8 phones later this month. the verge website says at&t will begin taking preorders october 21st, delivery early next month. 2/3 of technology executives think mitt romney would be better for their industry than barack obama. the same survey finds 3/4 expect the president to win reelection. so far he's ahead in fundraising in silicon valley. the force is with the hottest mobile game franchise angry birds "star wars" will be available next month.3q
towards pittsburg and concord under 20 minutes. out of the central valley, a little slow from 205 speeds pick up over the altamont pass into the dublin-pleasanton area, 15 minute drive there. >>> a dog is stolen during a burglary. a 5-year-old's plea for its safe return. >>> an 8-year-old decides to go for a late night joyride that didn't end well. >>> missing yosemite park worker rescued. the question searchers have for her. >>> first tech bites. >>> from glitz to glitch. apple having trouble making iphone 5's fast enough one reason may be the fancy aluminum cases prone to scratches. apple told the factory to be more careful and that is slowing production. windows computers that tablets and notebooks can be rotated into a number of positions. android smartphone may be smarter than you think, shortcuts to context -- contacts, saving battery. one favorite is unlocking the phone by looking at it. >> instead of timing in a four digit -- typing in a four digit pass code you can hold it up to your face and have the front facing camera look at it and it will tell that it is you, and will autom
and peninsula. drive times out of antioch good drive towards pittsburg, very light out of the central valley from tracy up and over the altamont good ride at this hour. >>> 4:40. >>> deal in the works that could close books on one of the largest oil spills in u.s. history. >>> man charged in the colorado theater massacre back in court this morning. he could be facing new charges. >>> caught on surveillance video teacher and teen as approach each other in an alley. what happens next has landed one in police custody. >>> first tech bites: >>> today, ebay makes big changes in time for holiday shopping. online retailer's new look resembles the site pinterest and ebay now provides same-day delivery for items purchased from ebay. 3m teamed up with a company to create new streaming project the streaming stick provides instant access to video. >> everything from hulu, netflix, disney, amazon, and others. you have access to those channels when you are on the go and you can project it on to a wall or flat surface. >> streaming projector retails for $300. german company unveils cheapest e-reade
county east of pittsburg. when sheriff's deputies arrived they found two victims a man pronounced dead at the taken scene and a woman who later died at the hospital. there is no information on a suspect or motives. >>> and a stabbing at the 49ers game sent a sacramento man to the hospital and two men to jail. san francisco police say the 27- year-old victim was outside candlestick park with his friends when the suspects started a fight. when it was over the victim had been is to bed in his torso; the victim is expected to survive. >>> it's the 1-2, the runner takes 2nd and that ends it! >> the second round of the playoffs starting much like the first for san francisco. the giants did not rally late against the st. louis cardinals and start another series with a loss. >>> cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman endured the highs a lows and good thing this is a seven game series. >> reporter: yes it is and they don't call it giants baseball torture for nothing. they dug themselves a big hole and they climbed up and climbed up and, oh, they didn't make it. let me give you a reaction and sort of a f
night. this was in an unincorporated area between pittsburg and antioch and buchanan road at ventura drive. one man was dead at the scene. also a woman who was shot, she was taken to the hospital, she later died. sounds like somebody heard something, the police did get a call that shots were fired. they say they have no witnesses. obviously, investigators with the sheriff's office today will be working on this case hoping to solve it. at this point it sounds like they don't have much to go on. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >>> 4:36. >> drove past sfo this morning, so foggy, hard to see a thing. >> same on the bay bridge. let's check in with meteorologist lisa argen. >>> good morning. dense fog all around the bay area visibility has been reduced to less than a quarter of a mile starting out with live doppler 7 hd and plenty of cloud cover, high pressure pushing down on the atmosphere. we will have the dense fog for your morning commute through the 9:00 hour two mile visibility, half moon bay, half mile in novato, quarter of a mile santa rosa over into the bay bridge, we are looking at de
are looking for the -- in pittsburg are looking for the man responsible for killing a man overnight. police are not sure if the man was shot or stabbed but an autopsy will be performed tomorrow to determine how he died. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. >>> chaos in a vallejo neighborhood over the weekend turned into the city's tenth police involved shooting of the year. it happened early yesterday morning g on alameda drive. police say two men were fighting when all of a sudden they started breaking car windows and attempting to burn down their homes. when officers went inside they said a naked man came out with a gun and placed the barrel against the officers stomach. that is when the officers partner opened fire. >> it was scary. this is usually a pretty safe neighborhood. you hear it happen on the other side of the freeway and downtown. it usually doesn't happen here. >> one of the men died. the other was booked into jail. police believe the men were under the influence of drugs or alcohol. the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave. >>>
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